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Legendary Pokemon Go hack

This Pokemon Go hack can help you get Legendary Pokemon

Zapdos PokemonIn order to get legendary Pokemon you would need a Pokemon Go hack iOS & Android players only had this option available to them if they jailbroke or rooted their devices.  When the 2nd generation Pokemon were released no announcement has been made that the legendary Pokemon birds would be coming out anytime soon.  Not until recently Niantic promised that they would be coming out this year. We suspect they will be available to be captured over the summer time when kids, teens, and adults are on break.

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Use this Snapchat hack to get your own Geofilters

In order to hack Snapchat geofilters you will need some basic knowledge when it comes to making png pictures with transparency. There are many tutorials online that can easily help you with this. In the following video you will learn how to unlock all the geofilters in Snapchat using this simple hack.

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