Zapdos PokemonIn order to get legendary Pokemon you would need a Pokemon Go hack iOS & Android players only had this option available to them if they jailbroke or rooted their devices.  When the 2nd generation Pokemon were released no announcement has been made that the legendary Pokemon birds would be coming out anytime soon.  Not until recently Niantic promised that they would be coming out this year. We suspect they will be available to be captured over the summer time when kids, teens, and adults are on break.

Some of the gen 2 Pokemon being released at first will be the baby Pokemon for example Pichu. Some of them will only be hatch-able from eggs that you collect, but if you have any eggs before the update there will be no chance on any 2nd gen Pokemon in them. Not all of the second generation Pokemon will be released right away, they will slowly trickle in. All of the Pokemon from the first generation should have been released before any new ones were introduced. You will most likely find a lot of the new Pokemon hidden away inside 10km eggs and maybe even some 5km, might be more rare though. We started asking if there would be more variety of eggs, like a 20Km or even 50km egg to give us a guaranteed legendary Pokemon in every egg. This way more trainers will actually go out and walk around, knowing that they’ll get something awesome in the end will give them that much more incentive.

Pokemon GO PokestopPokestops will also be getting an update as well. They already lost the ability to be used (collect items) while in a vehicle or moving at fast speeds. It’s one thing that has a lot of people angry and makes the game that much harder.  The only way around this would be to use a Pokemon Go hack with GPS spoofing features. Hacking isn’t the best way to play and everyone considers it cheating, ruins the game for everyone, etc.  While it is true, people are still going to take advantage of it. Most hackers do get bored and once it has run its course they will move on to something else.

We can’t wait for what is in store for the future for Pokemon Go and we hope nothing but good things come our way.  We are hoping that the next update will include PVP and trading! Like every single Pokemon game that has come out for Gameboy, it’s a feature that has to be implemented into the game!