InstagramOne of the most widely used apps is Instagram, it’s reached over millions of downloads and is on almost every smartphone ever sold. What makes it so popular is its ease of use and simplicity when it comes to sharing videos and photos with all your followers. It’s not cluttered with other unnecessary things, it stuck to its core roots even after facebook bought it.
Social media has always been a big thing, it’s the way everyone connects with each other now. It makes things easy even if you’re half way across the world. Some people even conduct business through Instagram via DM.
Because of the social interactions within the app and potential for traffic some people have built hacks to gain access to people’s Instagram accounts without them even knowing. One of the simplest hacks is by getting access to their password. There are other ways you can get into their account as well so we listed them for you here:

  • Social Engineering
  • Taking their phone
  • Instagram hacking software
  • Stealing their password through a fake look alike email from Instagram

Instagram on iPhoneOne of the most easily fallen for traps is by submitting your password to a site that asks for it. These sites usually tell you that your password needs to be updated or entered to ensure that your account is actually yours. They actually look like the actual webpage from Instagram but if you look carefully at the URL you’ll find that it’s not from Instagram themselves. This doesn’t only just happen with Instagram, other social sites and even bank accounts are being compromised this way.

We got to play with a powerful Instagram hacking tool that we found while scouring the internet. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to hack someone’s Instagram account this is the one app that you want. It’s one of the most user-friendly Instagram hacks we’ve tried and it easily works on any smartphone with Android or iOS. The power comes in actually taking control of the while account, you don’t just gain access and view what’s in the DMs and private photos. You can access deleted content that you thought was lost forever including conversations that have been left in the past. Simple, easy, and straight to the point. We give it a 4/5 because sometimes the app would just hang.