In order to hack Snapchat geofilters you will need some basic knowledge when it comes to making png pictures with transparency. There are many tutorials online that can easily help you with this. In the following video you will learn how to unlock all the geofilters in Snapchat using this simple hack.

We have done this and had no problems whatsoever doing it.  It’s very straight forward and to the point. The tool also can hack Snapchat passwords in case you forget your password. It’s also been tested to work on other accounts as well as long as you have the username or the phone number that they used when signing up. Private Snaps and messages can still be viewed even when it has long passed their expiry.

Snapchat hackEven though Snapchat claims that everything is deleted and nothing is stored on their servers, the app is still able to find past messages dating back up to a year, sometimes even longer. None of these Snaps are even encrypted and are accessible through a exploit that the app takes advantage of. The hacking tool is very effective against Snapchat accounts that sign up with weak passwords. It takes no time at all to gain access to these accounts, it’s always recommended to sign up with special characters in passwords but most people have a hard time remembering passwords with random characters that don’t spell words.

Hack Snapchat geofilterWe put the Snapchat hack through a lot of tests and used it against many accounts. Not to do any damage but to see what it’s truly capable of. Most of the features included covers all the basics. It is able to take screenshots of Snaps without notifying the owner that a screenshot has been taken. It also has a built in video recorder that can automatically download all Snaps and combine them into one video, downloading it straight into your iPhone or Android device. There’s even an option for Windows and Mac users, if no mobile smart device is available.

Here are some of the options you get to choose from:

  • Take Screenshots of Snaps without notifying the user
  • Record their video Snaps
  • Read DMs (deleted direct messages too)
  • Who is following them

There have been studies of Snapchat being detrimental to young teens when it comes to their social health.  Constantly being connected to everyone can drive them to anxiety when they can’t keep up with everyone else.  This might drive you to check on your children to see that they’re doing okay.  It may be spying on their personal lives but it may also save their life.

We look forward to the new updates and features that are going to be released within the Snapchat hacking app. It’s one of the most powerful hacking tools we’ve tested to date.